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ASP Tactical Baton the tactical advantage

Isn't the ASP Tactical Baton an exotic weapon?

A While the martial arts community has a number of cheap expandable batons available, such products differ dramatically from the ASP Tactical Baton. The major agencies of the Federal Government including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Secret Service and US Army do not issue exotic weapons to their personnel. Yet, these agencies do issue the ASP Tactical Baton.

Q Aren't the Oriental models of the expandable baton considerably cheaper than the ASP?

A The less expensive models of the expandable baton are produced in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India. None of these items meet the specifications established by major federal law enforcement and military organizations. In addition, the ASP Tactical Baton is often less expensive than some of the imported models that are currently on the market.

Q Why is the ASP Baton the best baton on the market?

A An extensive study conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police as well as evaluations done by Federal Law Enforcement agencies including the United States Capitol Police have demonstrated that the ASP Baton meets the seven basic criteria of less lethal weapons better than any other product on the market.

Q Is the ASP Baton safe?

A A study conducted by the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department revealed that hollow tubular weapons provide greater control with less tissue damage than other impact instruments. A field study by the Tampa, Florida Police Department found an actual decrease in injuries to both officers and subjects as well as a decrease in excessive force claims when the department adopted the ASP Baton.

Q What is the liability impact of the ASP Baton?

A A recent study by the nation's foremost law enforcement legal organization referred to the expandable batons and indicated that they are "currently issued to members of the Secret Service and US Capitol Police. Japanese experience indicates that the weapon is more effective than the wooden baton and causes less bodily harm."

Q What if my department will not allow the expandable baton?

A As with semi-automatic pistols, some agencies are slower than others to respond to progressive movements in modern policing. However, there is a significant liability problem inherent in any agency that does not provide intermediate force for its officers. This applies to plainclothes investigators and tactical team members as well as uniform personnel.

Q Who uses the ASP Tactical Baton?

A A users list is available from Armament Systems and Procedures. All sizes of municipal, county, state and federal agencies have adopted the ASP Tactical Baton as well as a variety of governmental and military organizations.

Q Where is training in the baton available?

A Armament Systems and Procedures offers as a service to the law enforcement community monthly Instructor Certification Programs at no charge. In addition, the Corporation has a list of individuals who conduct contract training in the baton on a regular basis.

Q What kind of Certification is available for the ASP Tactical Baton?

A There are three levels of ASP certification. ASP Basic Certification is provided for law enforcement officers. ASP Instructor Certification is designed to train instructors for police agencies. ASP Trainer Certification is available for individuals who will, in turn, train instructors in various law enforcement agencies. Both ASP Instructor Certification and ASP Trainer Certification are provided by Armament Systems and Procedures at no charge. Participation in an AIC or ATC program is scheduled through an authorized ASP Distributor or ASP Technical Support Manager.

Q If our agency gets sued, will ASP defend us?

A Armament Systems and Procedures will provide expert witness support and assist any law enforcement organization that is sued. Extensive litigation experience is available to assist in the defense of officers or agencies. In addition, ASP defense is not contingent upon purchase of an ASP product and is not restricted to a group of specific techniques that are sanctioned by Armament Systems.

Q My baton seems hard to open.

A Each ASP Tactical Baton is pre-adjusted at the factory to a specific level of force that we have found to be the most satisfactory for extended use. It is possible to adjust the baton to make it easier to open following instructions included with each unit. An Armorer Kit is also available to enable precise tuning of the baton to individual requirements.

Q The baton seems very difficult to close.

A The ASP Baton was designed in a manner to assure that it would not collapse accidentally. This is due to the deadlock taper of the unit. There is a specific manner in which the baton can be easily closed. This procedure is described on the sheet included with each baton and covered fully in each training class. (Hint: Tap the head of the baton , rotate, tap , rotate, tap. This usually works)

Q My baton locks up too tightly.

A Adjust the Retaining Clip to a smaller size.

Q My baton does not lock up tightly enough.

A Open up the Retaining Clip and adjust it to a larger size.

Q The end tube of my baton appears crooked.

A A certain amount of flexibility is built into the ASP Baton. Individual tubes, when subjected to extreme force, are designed to absorb the energy but not break. If the baton will not function (open or close), return it to the factory for replacement. To correct a warped tube, strike the baton on the opposite side.

Q My baton will not stay locked out.

A During painting of the handle of the ASP Tactical Baton, a small buildup sometimes occurs on the interior of the tube. Should this happen, the baton should be disassembled and wiped down to remove any oil or residue. A sharp knife should then be used to remove any excess paint from the interior of the tube. The baton should be reassembled and opened violently 10-20 times. This should properly seat any burr that may be present and result in the baton locking up firmly. Should a baton not lock up after this procedure, return it to the Client Services Section for repair or replacement.

Q What if the ASP Baton breaks?

A Any baton which cracks or separates will be replaced free of charge. The ASP Tactical Baton is designed as a modular unit. As a result, any component on the baton that becomes damaged in use can be readily replaced. Armament Systems and Procedures will also completely refurbish any baton that is returned to the manufacturer. A check in the amount of 50% of the retail price of the unit is requested for the repair and return postage.

Q If an officer in our jurisdiction wants to be trained, what do we do?

A Contact the nearest ASP Distributor who can arrange for attendance of an officer at an ASP Instructor Certification program. Technical Support Managers can also assist with the application of an individual to participate in a program.

Q What are the advantages of an ASP Tactical Baton over a side handle or straight baton?

A The ASP Tactical Baton is always carried. The finest baton on the market is of little value if left in the car. In addition, the ASP has a far greater psychological effect than either the side handle or straight baton. A field study by the Illinois State Police demonstrated that this psychological impact often defuses a confrontation before it occurs. The training program for the ASP Tactical Baton is more comprehensive than other available programs. In addition to providing more extensive court defense, the ASP Baton is more defensible. It provides greater control with less tissue damage. The baton can generate greater fluid shock waves and allows the officer to recover faster than is possible with more traditional batons.

Q Is the ASP Baton patented?

A Yes. The ASP Tactical Baton is covered by United States Patents 5,110,375, 5,348,297, 5,161,800, 5,356,139, 5,657,986, 5,868,621, 5,645,276 and 5,919,093. Additional patents are pending. It is illegal to make, sell or use a product that infringes on one of these patents.

Q Who are the primary users of the ASP Tactical Baton?

A Initially agencies find that plainclothes personnel and, in particular, investigators like the Tactical Baton. Tactical team members also account for a large segment of purchases. Some officers use the ASP as a backup to their duty baton. In recent years the baton has been adopted as a primary weapon by a number of agencies including County and State Patrol organizations whose officers are frequently in and out of a car. Such officers find traditional batons cumbersome. Security organizations that want to maintain a low profile are also large volume purchasers of the baton.

Q Why are so many organizations switching to the ASP Tactical Baton?

A The baton is carried and not left in the car.

The ASP Tactical Baton is tactically superior to other batons (it works on the street).

The weapon is easier to defend in court due to its low profile image, high psychological deterrence, high potential for control and low potential for tissue damage.


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