Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inspection mirror under vehicle Mirror at security check point

Inspection mirror under vehicle Mirror at security check point , is it enough to find any thing? well inspecting a vehicle with a mirror has its limitation , visibility is low time of inspection limited and the security officer can not inspect the whole main area of the under vehicle since the hand held mirror is limited .
Instead we recommend the fully illuminated fixed under vehicle security system that use
an out side screen viewer to show whats exactly is under the vehicle, this system is much better than the regular inspection mirror however will not detect hidden items under the car that are not seen by the inspector.
Its all about the budget ...I would recommend gamma ray full car inspection if car is marked by my security team as second check...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Concealed carry holsters from the Pros

Concealed carry holster from Security Pro USA is an affordable line of holsters that will help you keep that can concealed and ready to draw.
From belly wraps to ankle holsters, from pocket to shoulder holster we carry a full line of Concealed carry holster

Rapiscan Eagle® Mobile

There are handfull of comanies capable to scan vehicles for explosives and contraband , one company stand out as the best, Rapidscan. with branches all over the globe the company can offer security scanning solutions and maintanence support .
Security Pro USA is Rapidscan dealer in the USA, any information and custom solution from your agency are welcome.

The Rapiscan Eagle® Mobile is a mobile high energy X-ray cargo inspection system capable of traveling on public roads. The unit is supplied with a 4.5 MV linear accelerator X-ray source. The Rapiscan Eagle Mobile is built on a commercially available solid frame truck chassis, which supports the X-ray imaging system and the onboard Inspector’s Cab.

The fully self-contained system includes all components and capabilities required to scan containers, vehicles and a wide range of cargo. The Rapiscan Systems X-ray imaging hardware produces high quality X-ray images, which the inspectors evaluate using the comprehensive features of our Cargo Viewer software.

As a road-mobile system, the Rapiscan Eagle Mobile can easily be driven to a border crossing or to different inspection sites at a seaport. Within 20 minutes, its single boom is easily deployed to either side of the unit at an offset angle of 0 or 10 degrees.

Once deployed, the unit quickly scans an unoccupied parked truck or a line of trucks in either the forward or reverse direction. The system meets international and local road worthiness, operation, quality and safety standards.
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