Saturday, May 14, 2011

If you happen to be in Buenos Aires for dental treatment...WARNING ! - do not use Dentist Gustavo Telo

Since Secpro team travel the world to attend trade shows we happened to need some medical services once in a while.

To make a story short I was in Buenos Aires in January 2011 and had the bad luck to be at the greedy hand of dentist Gustavo Telo and sisters Marisol Telo, Melina Telo (  web  tel 54-11 4828 0821 free from USA 1 888 784 9319 ) a family dentist operation.
Me and my wife decided to do some dental work while we attend some business .

After 3 weeks of going there for 9 appointments coming back to the USA we had to much dental pain, thus we went to a US dentist to evaluate the situation .

Bottom line we made a big error going with " Dr" Gustavo Tellos he made implants and crown that need to be removed with a total cost of $10,000..

So this post may be a life savior and warning to any one that research DR Telos online,

We are willing to give information to anyone that would like advice or verify the above story.

G Evan
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