Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Detector of Mustard Gas ,Narcotics and Explosives

Security Pro USA is a distributor of EST in California

After reviewing several detection products we have fond ETS to be of great value to home Land security applications in the field of substance detection.

We do recommend Customs,border control air port security and any agency that is involved in screening and searching for NBC materials to implement as part of their overall security procedure the technology that help identify with great accuracy potential threats which are carried on people,luggage or mail .

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zNose Detects Sarin and Mustard Gas at Part Per Trillion Level
(Nanowerk News) Electronic Sensor Technology (EST) (OTCBB:ESNR), a leading provider of innovative homeland security and environmental solutions, announces excellent results of real nerve agent testing in China. The experiment was performed by EST's distributor in China, Beijing R&D Technology, using a military facility in China.
This is the first time the zNose(R) has actually measured real nerve agents, simulants were used in prior testing. Sarin and Mustard Gas were detected at very low concentrations levels.
The minimum detection level (MDL) for Sarin is 85 parts per trillion (ppt) and the MDL for Mustard Gas is 100 ppt. These levels are well below the concentrations that begin to cause effects in an exposed population. The IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) level is the concentration of a nerve agent that would cause immediate or delayed permanent adverse effects after 30 minutes of unprotected exposure.
The IDLH value for Sarin is 30 parts per billion. (1 part per billion is 1000 times larger than 1 part per trillion) Based on the above data, the zNose would give an indication of a Sarin attack at levels 350 times lower than the IDLH concentration.
Mustard gas is less hazardous than Sarin (a higher IDLH) and thus would also be easily detectable before it poses a serious threat. Some nerve agents such as Sarin are odorless and cause permanent adverse effects or even death well before exposure is realized.
In order to save human lives, it is critical to have a detection system in place that can detect these gases at very low concentrations. This makes the zNose a great sensory tool in the fight to protect lives from nerve agent attack.
About Electronic Sensor Technology
Founded in 1995, Electronic Sensor Technology has developed and patented a chemical vapor analysis process with applications for the homeland security and environment markets.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emergency Weapon Clear ,safe firearm discharge device

We got exclusive to sell this Emergency Weapon Clear ,safe firearm discharge device , great for any fire range or military base .
The product is made from special materials that can absorb the rounds with safety .
With the ever increasing number of situations where firearms officers are having to deal with a wide range of sometimes unfamiliar weapons captured from criminals we have developed a clearance system to allow the making safe of these weapons.

This model which is designed to be vehicle mounted, its small compact dimensions allow for it to be carried in the boot of a vehicle, and will allow the safe clearance of all weapons from modified blank firing weapons thru all pistol calibers up to 50cal AP rifle.

New Tactical Lead Flashlights with Stainless bezel

Hi ,
we just got a New Tactical Lead Flashlights with Stainless bezel,we have tested them for performance.
Light power
Battery length

They have several modes of operation : Regular,SOS mode,blinding flash.

For the money spent this flashlight match Surefire and we offer them at 60% off the the Sure Fire equivalent.

They have an optional stainless steel bezel that can turn this flashlight to a fierce hand held self defense weapon.

Tactical flashlight with 275 lumen s of current-regulated output LED module

with Bezel

we are so sure you will like them thus there is no stocking fees if you decide to return them.


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