Friday, September 25, 2009

Bianchi Military handguns holsters

Bianchi Military Hand guns holsters
Bianchi holsters offers a wide range of tactical military holsters for the Beretta M9 hand gun.
An extensive line of holsters are available on

the U.S. Armed Forces standard issue holster, battle-proven from the tropics to the desert. Its versatile, modular and ambidextrous system design enables it to be worn 14 different ways with optional accessories. It is available both in its original M12 configuration for the Beretta 92 and for a variety of NATO pistols and 4" revolvers. Offered in black, O.D., woodland camo, desert camo and ACU

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water cannon for police and riot control

Water cannon for police and riot control
Recently we have a request for  non lethal device for crowd control ,
One of the best computerized water cannon system that can handle water and CS CN pepper gas mix to help disperse the gas particles to a large area thus controlling larger crowds  and proven to be more effective than just water pressure in handling riots and crowds from  unruly political demonstrations go wrong to soccer fans going ballistic , this device helps law reinforcement in reducing fatalities by not using lethal type solutions .
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Night sticks and police Batons

Night sticks  police Batons 
Economically available night sticks in different sizing from 16-21-26-31 inch  the most popular night stick size is the 26 inch model  where you have enough reach and its very workable size for martial artists and law enforcement .

Explosive Detection Spray -Mistral

If your department do not have a large budget for hand held explosive or drug detector you may want to consider  our tactical Chemical reaction detectors. In expensive and accurate solution of in field operations.

Expray Plus PDK Explosive Detection Kit features the same Expray aerosol presumptive test as in our Expray Explosive Detection Kit, which can detect and identify Group A explosives e.g. TNT, TNB, Group B explosives e.g. Semtex H, RDX, C4, and compounds containing inorganic nitrates used in improvised explosives e.g. ANFO. In addition, this kit includes the PDK Explosive Kit above for the detection of chlorate and peroxide-based explosive compounds, including TATP Triacetonetriperoxide. The kit comes in a rugged carrying case for easy portability and use.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New choice of Converse Combat boots by the US Military

New choice of  Converse Combat boots  model C8990  by the  US Military ,
Its no surprise that many of our military guys are choosing to replace their heavy boots with light weight  combat boots.In combat when you have to carry 80 pounds of gear your feet scream after a days work.
Seems like Converse found a light weight and durable boot that find many happy customers in the Army, Marines and airforce.

We have tried them out and do recommend them .


Security Pro USA links and partners

ASIS Security In California started this week ...

ASIS Security Conference  In California started this week ... Security Pro reps ( ) were scouting for new advanced products and did negotiate several deals with high tech xray and long range video system manufacturers.
SecurityPro USA   seeks to offer the latest in security solutions to its end users. Each solution can complement and augment the other , as long as the objective is to develop a security solution that meet  todays challenges.  

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