Monday, December 14, 2009

ASP Tactical Baton the tactical advantage

Isn't the ASP Tactical Baton an exotic weapon?

A While the martial arts community has a number of cheap expandable batons available, such products differ dramatically from the ASP Tactical Baton. The major agencies of the Federal Government including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Drug Enforcement Administration, United States Secret Service and US Army do not issue exotic weapons to their personnel. Yet, these agencies do issue the ASP Tactical Baton.

Q Aren't the Oriental models of the expandable baton considerably cheaper than the ASP?

A The less expensive models of the expandable baton are produced in Taiwan, Korea, Japan and India. None of these items meet the specifications established by major federal law enforcement and military organizations. In addition, the ASP Tactical Baton is often less expensive than some of the imported models that are currently on the market.

Q Why is the ASP Baton the best baton on the market?

A An extensive study conducted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police as well as evaluations done by Federal Law Enforcement agencies including the United States Capitol Police have demonstrated that the ASP Baton meets the seven basic criteria of less lethal weapons better than any other product on the market.

Q Is the ASP Baton safe?

A A study conducted by the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department revealed that hollow tubular weapons provide greater control with less tissue damage than other impact instruments. A field study by the Tampa, Florida Police Department found an actual decrease in injuries to both officers and subjects as well as a decrease in excessive force claims when the department adopted the ASP Baton.

Q What is the liability impact of the ASP Baton?

A A recent study by the nation's foremost law enforcement legal organization referred to the expandable batons and indicated that they are "currently issued to members of the Secret Service and US Capitol Police. Japanese experience indicates that the weapon is more effective than the wooden baton and causes less bodily harm."

Q What if my department will not allow the expandable baton?

A As with semi-automatic pistols, some agencies are slower than others to respond to progressive movements in modern policing. However, there is a significant liability problem inherent in any agency that does not provide intermediate force for its officers. This applies to plainclothes investigators and tactical team members as well as uniform personnel.

Q Who uses the ASP Tactical Baton?

A A users list is available from Armament Systems and Procedures. All sizes of municipal, county, state and federal agencies have adopted the ASP Tactical Baton as well as a variety of governmental and military organizations.

Q Where is training in the baton available?

A Armament Systems and Procedures offers as a service to the law enforcement community monthly Instructor Certification Programs at no charge. In addition, the Corporation has a list of individuals who conduct contract training in the baton on a regular basis.

Q What kind of Certification is available for the ASP Tactical Baton?

A There are three levels of ASP certification. ASP Basic Certification is provided for law enforcement officers. ASP Instructor Certification is designed to train instructors for police agencies. ASP Trainer Certification is available for individuals who will, in turn, train instructors in various law enforcement agencies. Both ASP Instructor Certification and ASP Trainer Certification are provided by Armament Systems and Procedures at no charge. Participation in an AIC or ATC program is scheduled through an authorized ASP Distributor or ASP Technical Support Manager.

Q If our agency gets sued, will ASP defend us?

A Armament Systems and Procedures will provide expert witness support and assist any law enforcement organization that is sued. Extensive litigation experience is available to assist in the defense of officers or agencies. In addition, ASP defense is not contingent upon purchase of an ASP product and is not restricted to a group of specific techniques that are sanctioned by Armament Systems.

Q My baton seems hard to open.

A Each ASP Tactical Baton is pre-adjusted at the factory to a specific level of force that we have found to be the most satisfactory for extended use. It is possible to adjust the baton to make it easier to open following instructions included with each unit. An Armorer Kit is also available to enable precise tuning of the baton to individual requirements.

Q The baton seems very difficult to close.

A The ASP Baton was designed in a manner to assure that it would not collapse accidentally. This is due to the deadlock taper of the unit. There is a specific manner in which the baton can be easily closed. This procedure is described on the sheet included with each baton and covered fully in each training class. (Hint: Tap the head of the baton , rotate, tap , rotate, tap. This usually works)

Q My baton locks up too tightly.

A Adjust the Retaining Clip to a smaller size.

Q My baton does not lock up tightly enough.

A Open up the Retaining Clip and adjust it to a larger size.

Q The end tube of my baton appears crooked.

A A certain amount of flexibility is built into the ASP Baton. Individual tubes, when subjected to extreme force, are designed to absorb the energy but not break. If the baton will not function (open or close), return it to the factory for replacement. To correct a warped tube, strike the baton on the opposite side.

Q My baton will not stay locked out.

A During painting of the handle of the ASP Tactical Baton, a small buildup sometimes occurs on the interior of the tube. Should this happen, the baton should be disassembled and wiped down to remove any oil or residue. A sharp knife should then be used to remove any excess paint from the interior of the tube. The baton should be reassembled and opened violently 10-20 times. This should properly seat any burr that may be present and result in the baton locking up firmly. Should a baton not lock up after this procedure, return it to the Client Services Section for repair or replacement.

Q What if the ASP Baton breaks?

A Any baton which cracks or separates will be replaced free of charge. The ASP Tactical Baton is designed as a modular unit. As a result, any component on the baton that becomes damaged in use can be readily replaced. Armament Systems and Procedures will also completely refurbish any baton that is returned to the manufacturer. A check in the amount of 50% of the retail price of the unit is requested for the repair and return postage.

Q If an officer in our jurisdiction wants to be trained, what do we do?

A Contact the nearest ASP Distributor who can arrange for attendance of an officer at an ASP Instructor Certification program. Technical Support Managers can also assist with the application of an individual to participate in a program.

Q What are the advantages of an ASP Tactical Baton over a side handle or straight baton?

A The ASP Tactical Baton is always carried. The finest baton on the market is of little value if left in the car. In addition, the ASP has a far greater psychological effect than either the side handle or straight baton. A field study by the Illinois State Police demonstrated that this psychological impact often defuses a confrontation before it occurs. The training program for the ASP Tactical Baton is more comprehensive than other available programs. In addition to providing more extensive court defense, the ASP Baton is more defensible. It provides greater control with less tissue damage. The baton can generate greater fluid shock waves and allows the officer to recover faster than is possible with more traditional batons.

Q Is the ASP Baton patented?

A Yes. The ASP Tactical Baton is covered by United States Patents 5,110,375, 5,348,297, 5,161,800, 5,356,139, 5,657,986, 5,868,621, 5,645,276 and 5,919,093. Additional patents are pending. It is illegal to make, sell or use a product that infringes on one of these patents.

Q Who are the primary users of the ASP Tactical Baton?

A Initially agencies find that plainclothes personnel and, in particular, investigators like the Tactical Baton. Tactical team members also account for a large segment of purchases. Some officers use the ASP as a backup to their duty baton. In recent years the baton has been adopted as a primary weapon by a number of agencies including County and State Patrol organizations whose officers are frequently in and out of a car. Such officers find traditional batons cumbersome. Security organizations that want to maintain a low profile are also large volume purchasers of the baton.

Q Why are so many organizations switching to the ASP Tactical Baton?

A The baton is carried and not left in the car.

The ASP Tactical Baton is tactically superior to other batons (it works on the street).

The weapon is easier to defend in court due to its low profile image, high psychological deterrence, high potential for control and low potential for tissue damage.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Concealed pistol holsters

Concealed pistol holsters are in many shapes and sizes, comfort and easy access are the most important factors  along with durability and functionality.
Some of Concealed pistol holsters are mainly made from elastic materials to allow easy warps and fitting to most small and medium size hand guns .

Monday, November 30, 2009

Retractable baton,for self defense and martial arts

Retractable batons for self defense and martial arts ,
Our improved Retractable baton stainless steel batons comes in most popular sizes 21-26 inches

the less popular 16-31 inches are available as well.
These impact weapons are superb self defense and law enforcement products if you are well trained on how to use them.

US Secret Service failed to id an uninvited couple to President Barack Obama's White House state dinner

US Secret Service failed to id  an uninvited couple  to President Barack Obama's White House state dinner Call it basic security screening failure that is not expected from the nation top security team.
At any rate the Secret service admitted the crack in their security procedures issue was that their agent missed to verify the subjects names not being on the invited guest list, since security on the first check point assumed that they were on the list Thus its a  basic issue with assuming and not following basic protocol.
At each check point the guests  list need to be verified ,that will insure that if anything was missed in the first check point the second check will catch up with, in this case both security check points missed  the subjects names on the official guests list.

In my opinion any person VIP or not should be screened with full body scan and facial recognition id scan before entering such an event  that can bring potential threat to the US president .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Police mountain bike- police mountain patrol bike

police mountain patrol bike

We have added the police mountain patrol bike to our product line since its an affordable and well built bike for law enforcment applications

Fuji has been an innovative leader in the bicycle world for decades. This same innovation is now available in the form of two specially designed bicycles for Police Departments, Security Units and EMS Services.

The Fuji Police Bikes are designed to take punishment all day long and then do it all again the next day. The Fuji Bikes are designed and built from the ground up to serve as constant duty police bikes. When you buy a Fuji Police bike, you are buying a bike that has been specially designed for your needs

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit

Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit

Our cutting systems are portable and can easily melt through any material with its focused ten-thousand degree particle stream. Magnum is the leader in exothermic cutting.

Innovation is important. Be sure to also investigate our latest floatable marine system is ideal for additional reach on land or underwater for auto extraction, forced entry, vessel contraband searches and more.

What it's used for: Melting through doors, walls, or concrete bunkers Locked your keys inside the Miata? Use a slim jim. Trying to breach an armored door to bust a drug cartel? Get a MAG9000. When government, military, and police organizations need to penetrate heavily fortified areas, they pack one of these heaters. Is 10,000-degree flame will rip through just about anything.

Cell phone Detector

Cell phone Detectorb> is to send the audio or video signal through electromagnetic waves. It is a machine designed to detect and fix the position of the hidden wireless tapping device.

As the technology of wireless tapping develops, the performance of such devices are also being promoted. They become increasingly difficult to be detected with their small size, low emitting power, complicated modulation, wide range, high speed, remote controllability and conceal ability.

Cell phone detector is designed to detect and concisely determine the location of the working tapping device in the targeted venue. It is one of most advanced portable wireless signal detectors.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cellular Jammer- Cellular Jammers & IED Jammers

Jammers Objectives in Military and Law enforcement applications.

TYPES OF RF Jammers under review: Cellular Jammers & IED Jammers
What is a Cellular Jammer?
A Cellular Jammer is a device intended solely for the disruption of cellular handsets within proximity of the jammers' jamming signal, or, if placed or directed at a local cellular antenna tower, a Cellular Jammer can jam the tower from receiving transmissions from cellular handsets throughout a geographic region.
What is an IED Jammer?
An IED Jammer is a device intended to jam radio equipment used as radio triggers for Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). By definition, IEDs are built from home made appliances and chemical ingredients, compared to military grade remote controlled detonators used for radio controlled weapons.
Origins of RF Jammers

Objectives: Cellular Jammers:

Cellular Jammers were designed to maintain cellular communication silence to block criminals from communicating to each other or to the media. Originally, Cellular Jammers were intended to deal with the nuisance levels stemming from the abuse of cellular phones in public places such as concert halls, restaurants, libraries, churches, etc. Additional applications for security and protection involve blocking cellular communication in secure facilities and research centers, and also the management of cellular communications in restricted areas such as correctional facilities, army barracks, or government offices.

Objective :IED Jammers

IED Jammers were built to combat suspected explosive devices and to prevent covertly planted bombs from receiving remote control radio trigger signals sent by terrorists and insurgents. IED Jammers were designed to perform based on the premise that the manufacturers who built Jammers understood the rudimentary nature of those terrorists or insurgents building Improvised Explosive Devices. This understanding is vital when designing and building an electronic countermeasures solution to defeat roadside bombs from going off by means of radio trigger switches.
RF Jammer Goals

Deployment goals of Cellular Jammers:

Cellular Jammers are used in any location where cell phone use is prohibited, unauthorized, or unwanted either due to location or event sensitivity. Examples include: hostage situations, law enforcement stake outs -- wherever one finds terrorist or illegal activities -- government offices, air and naval bases, military installations, and especially correctional facilities, where inmates are known to direct outside criminal operations via cell phones.

Deployment goals of IED Jammer:

IED Jammers are used convoys, force protection, VIP and diplomatic transport, and any time one is involved in Explosive Detection work in a high-risk environment or situation, such as VIP or Executive Protection, military convoys, border security patrols, and road or countryside vehicle checkpoints.
Part II - RF Jamming Methodology
Without revealing too much about the sensitive nature of countering Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices, an explanation is offered outlining the proper way to neutralize remotely detonated IED weapons such as roadside bombs, car bombs, and remotely ignited mines for ambushes.
Fact: IED Jammers are designed to counter a Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device (RCIED) or roadside bombs.

IED Jammers like the Bomb Jammer ?

line of RF Jammers can manually and automatically block radio signals located at frequency ranges of cellular phone bandwidths and beyond. These Bomb Jammers are user programmable, as well as factory programmable, and that means if the operator decides to jam radio signals at all frequencies deemed to pose a threat (be they cellular phone frequencies, or other areas of the RF spectrum), then this IED Jammer can broadcast the proper level of RF interference within the whole spectrum.
Fact: Cellular Jammers are designed to block radio frequencies used by cellular phones only.

What jamming methods are used in most Cellular Jammers and how are they detrimental when dealing with Improvised Explosive Devices? Cellular Jammers from most manufacturers operate using Swept Spectrum criterion to create output power levels that overcome the cellular signals targeted for jamming. When manufactures use this method of Swept Spectrum jamming with the goal in mind to attack triggering mechanisms of an IED or Cellular Phone IED, dangerously high levels of output power are required to create a 'jam wave' that can stifle or prevent the receiver from receiving a detonation signal.

These high levels of output power used for SWEPT SPECTRUM Jamming can accomplish basic jamming needs, yet this particular technology is not one to be relied upon, as it was introduced for jamming communications and cell phones, not RCIED's. The byproduct of the 'high power' given off during the operation of Cellular Phone Jammers is HEAT. Even with heat sinks and fans installed into the Cellular Jammming hardware, heat makes the Cellular Jammer susceptible to overheating, and can lead to the failure of primary RF Jamming requirements.

In addition, Cellular Jammers disseminating abnormally high levels of energy to accomplish the jamming of an IED's remote controlled trigger can have an effect on the health of those exposed to Swept Spectrum jamming operation.
For more information on how harmful effects may arise during the exposure of people to EM energy fields by frequency emissions ranging from 3 kHz to 300 GHz, a white paper that bears importance to RF Jamming may be viewed here:

Part III - RF Jamming Accuracies & Misconceptions

What makes up an RCIED or Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device? RCIEDs are composed of an explosive payload that is detonated by an explosive detonator or blasting cap which is activated by an electronic radio controlled receiver. This radio controlled receiver can be a cellular phone, yet it can also be a satellite phone, car alarm receiver, garage door opener receiver, cordless phone receiver, two-way radio, portable radio, walkie talkie radio, etc.

So the big question remains: Can a Cellular Jammer or Cell Phone Jammer hinder the radio controlled receiver of: satellite phones, portable phones, 2 Way Radios, remote controlled consumer or commercial electronics, etc.

The answer is YES & NO. Yes, Cellular Jammers may cause some trace levels of interference, however, the radio frequencies are far from Cellular frequency bands and therefore are porous to transmissions from non-cellular based frequencies.
Fact: IED Jammers are designed to counter a Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Device ( RCIED) or roadside bombs

But the real question to be asked is: Do IED Jammers designed by those who have built Cellular Jammers deviate from the Cellular Jamming architecture in a manner that is fitting to assure that RF Jamming will properly block all threats to be countered?

Broadcasting high levels of radio frequency interference based on oscillation principles originally intended to target Cellular bands is not a reliable way to neutralize Radio Frequency IED threats. Will jamming signals transmitted at the speeds used to counter Cellular Radio Waves be able to saturate the environment and block all neighboring radio frequencies? Cellular Jammer manufacturers never really intended for their technology to spill over into non-cellular based communication bands to block Improvised Explosive Devices from receiving their detonation signals.

Cellular Jammers may have an impact on signal reception, but IED Jammers designed to target threats throughout the spectrum will have a bigger impact. For those who build IED Jammers based upon the configuration and RF Jamming methods of Cellular Jammers, the dangers are inherent in the design, and in interest of safety, should NOT BE USED to counter a Remote Controlled IED. That is why IED Jammers like the Bomb Jammer ? series are more reliable when defending against roadside bombs planted by terrorists or insurgents in hostile territories.

Night Stick 26 inches

Night Stick 26 inches , Many of our  customer have asked us about the ideal baton length.
From our testing and customer feedback it seems that 26 inches is the best reach and maneuverability  .
These Nights sticks are considered assault weapons thus you must be aware of all laws governing carry and use of these night sticks .
You can have a chainsaw in your car or nail hummer and you will not have an issue because these have exact purpose even though they can be more lethal than any baton or stun gun ...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

FBO services in Asia , Location scouting and Professional Security Details

Security Pro USA has established with its Thailand based partner ASA a specialty security services for VIP and executives that will cover whole Asia .
We take care of all trip details including private jet air travel ,accommodations, body guard services and much more.
for full detains send us your request via e mail to

CBRN protection ( chemical, biological, radiological) Demron Anti Radiation blankets

CBRN  protection  ( chemical, biological, radiological) Demron Anti Radiation blankets

A must products for any first responders that need to tackle a dirty bomb .
Can be customized to several sizing . Also have blast mitigation capabilities certified to NIJ IIIA
For more information contsct

Anti Radiation Coveralls and Blankets From Demron

Anti Radiation Coveralls and Blankets From Demron
 We have added a new and exciting line of personal protection coveralls that will help  first responders , military and EOD teams ,nuclear facilities workers  and any one that may be exposed to radio active harm.
The Demron line of coveralls and anti radiation blanket have passed  lab testing qualifying it to be one on the best clothing anti radiation solution in the market.
For quotes on any Demron anti radiation product please send an e mail to

Thursday, October 1, 2009 non legit helmet business a company you should never do business with, this company was paid  in full for helmets and never delivered or issue a refund .
Our suggestion before doing business with any manufacturer but especialy overseas make sure they are legit . exists but  in the practice reping off customers .
potential buyers be aware.
we will send all information to inquiring customers abut our bad dealing with and their total disrespect to American businesse.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Equipo Antimotines SecProUSA

Posted by PicasaSecurity Pro USA offers complete Equipo Antimotines  to South America 
for bulk quote please e amil us at

Security Pro Affiliate money making Opportunity

Security Pro USA offers a great way to make extra income by direct referrals from your web site,
the affiliate program is manage by a third party : which is a well known and respected affiliate management firm.

So if you have great online presence or just into blogging and would like to sell our Security Products and generate extra income its easy to do , just sign in with the above link,

Good luck and thank you


Duty holsters Gear from

Duty holsters source offer wide selection of police and military holsters and  concealed weapon  carry  bags .

Duty gun holsters

Friday, September 25, 2009

Bianchi Military handguns holsters

Bianchi Military Hand guns holsters
Bianchi holsters offers a wide range of tactical military holsters for the Beretta M9 hand gun.
An extensive line of holsters are available on

the U.S. Armed Forces standard issue holster, battle-proven from the tropics to the desert. Its versatile, modular and ambidextrous system design enables it to be worn 14 different ways with optional accessories. It is available both in its original M12 configuration for the Beretta 92 and for a variety of NATO pistols and 4" revolvers. Offered in black, O.D., woodland camo, desert camo and ACU

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Water cannon for police and riot control

Water cannon for police and riot control
Recently we have a request for  non lethal device for crowd control ,
One of the best computerized water cannon system that can handle water and CS CN pepper gas mix to help disperse the gas particles to a large area thus controlling larger crowds  and proven to be more effective than just water pressure in handling riots and crowds from  unruly political demonstrations go wrong to soccer fans going ballistic , this device helps law reinforcement in reducing fatalities by not using lethal type solutions .
for quotes please send us an e mail at

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Night sticks and police Batons

Night sticks  police Batons 
Economically available night sticks in different sizing from 16-21-26-31 inch  the most popular night stick size is the 26 inch model  where you have enough reach and its very workable size for martial artists and law enforcement .

Explosive Detection Spray -Mistral

If your department do not have a large budget for hand held explosive or drug detector you may want to consider  our tactical Chemical reaction detectors. In expensive and accurate solution of in field operations.

Expray Plus PDK Explosive Detection Kit features the same Expray aerosol presumptive test as in our Expray Explosive Detection Kit, which can detect and identify Group A explosives e.g. TNT, TNB, Group B explosives e.g. Semtex H, RDX, C4, and compounds containing inorganic nitrates used in improvised explosives e.g. ANFO. In addition, this kit includes the PDK Explosive Kit above for the detection of chlorate and peroxide-based explosive compounds, including TATP Triacetonetriperoxide. The kit comes in a rugged carrying case for easy portability and use.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New choice of Converse Combat boots by the US Military

New choice of  Converse Combat boots  model C8990  by the  US Military ,
Its no surprise that many of our military guys are choosing to replace their heavy boots with light weight  combat boots.In combat when you have to carry 80 pounds of gear your feet scream after a days work.
Seems like Converse found a light weight and durable boot that find many happy customers in the Army, Marines and airforce.

We have tried them out and do recommend them .


Security Pro USA links and partners

ASIS Security In California started this week ...

ASIS Security Conference  In California started this week ... Security Pro reps ( ) were scouting for new advanced products and did negotiate several deals with high tech xray and long range video system manufacturers.
SecurityPro USA   seeks to offer the latest in security solutions to its end users. Each solution can complement and augment the other , as long as the objective is to develop a security solution that meet  todays challenges.  

Sunday, September 13, 2009 Helmets source you should never buy from (

 This helmet manufacturer from Taiwan took  our money and  never returned it, we have tried US dept of commerce contact to explain to the manufacturer  and this is no way to do business with US firms or any other businesses, 
they preferred to lose business than to pay back what they owed us, so anyone out there considering doing business with

alphatech helmets from Taiwan drop it .
we are available to give full details on  this case of petty theft that should be punished and advertised to all un aware exporters

Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MREs) custom menus to your specifications

We specializes in the preparation and packaging of tasty and nutritious Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MREs) for the military, for use in times of survival and crisis.

We manufacture HALAL M.R.E. ration packs to your specification.
Cooked / Uncooked rice Meat with / without gravy Rice and meat Pastes Pasta, noodle etc. Steak Other customizable combination's! Customize your own ration packs with us! Our military food specialists will provide nutritional specifications!

HACCP and HALAL certified MRE available as well . 

We can produce any type of meals based on calories counts and specific tastes. From Asian, to Western ,Arab, and Spanish .

SecPro Is  committed to serving our clients with the utmost diligence – we provide cost-effective, reliable and quality products, and excellent service that meet and exceed our client's requirements and expectations.

We aim to provide a 1-stop shop to your MRE needs including accessories like cooking stoves and flameless ration heaters.

All are made in an ISO certified facility , Quotes are available by e mail at :

Military boots by Belleville Kiowa Tactical Research Boots

New and improved military boots  for special forces,
Military boots by Belleville Kiowa Tactical Research Boots

Our staff have tested the boots under punishing conditions and reporting superb comfort and durability .

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lock Picking Tools : Full line of professional Lock picking Tools from Secpro

General announcment to our customers:
SecPro  added  to our main web site :
Lock Picking Tools : Full line  of professional Lock picking Tools from Secpro

Monday, August 31, 2009

Explosive Sniffer -SECPRO 4500 the latest in explosive and drug detection

Explosive Sniffer -SECPRO 4500 the latest in explosive and drug detection.
The EST-4200 Ultimate Vapor Tracer & Analyzer is the only Portable Real-Time Ultra-Fast Analyzer on the market that can Sniff-out, Detect and Analyze all types of vapors and identify traces of organic, biological & chemical compounds accurately and very rapidly. It is also the only electronic nose technology to receive validation from both the US EPA and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP). It has been chosen by NASA for their Space Laboratory to “Sniff-out” life on distant planets and by the US Homeland Security Task Force as a major tool in fighting against World Terrorism and crime.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Explosive Detector Security Pro USA

The Air Guardian provides detection using gas chromatography to sense explosive, narcotic, and toxic chemicals as low as parts-per-billion concentrations and refreshes the air using filters and generation. The resulting air has less bacteria, viruses, dust, and pollutants as well as greatly reduced odors.

The Air Guardian draws in air from the floor level. The detector samples the air and reports air quality. Then the air flows through the filters, over the ion generator and returns to the room. Information output uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a computer for user notification and control.

Friday, July 10, 2009

professional hunting crossbow secprousa

professional hunting crossbow secprousa

DARTON crossbows are lightweight with superb balance, so shooting is a pleasure, not a task. We've also incorporated an easy-pulling trigger that is incredibly smooth with a rifle-type safety that is simple and comfortable to use for both right and left-handed shooters* and a dry-fire prevention mechanism**. Both of these features are patented.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Inspection mirror under vehicle Mirror at security check point

Inspection mirror under vehicle Mirror at security check point , is it enough to find any thing? well inspecting a vehicle with a mirror has its limitation , visibility is low time of inspection limited and the security officer can not inspect the whole main area of the under vehicle since the hand held mirror is limited .
Instead we recommend the fully illuminated fixed under vehicle security system that use
an out side screen viewer to show whats exactly is under the vehicle, this system is much better than the regular inspection mirror however will not detect hidden items under the car that are not seen by the inspector.
Its all about the budget ...I would recommend gamma ray full car inspection if car is marked by my security team as second check...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Concealed carry holsters from the Pros

Concealed carry holster from Security Pro USA is an affordable line of holsters that will help you keep that can concealed and ready to draw.
From belly wraps to ankle holsters, from pocket to shoulder holster we carry a full line of Concealed carry holster

Rapiscan Eagle® Mobile

There are handfull of comanies capable to scan vehicles for explosives and contraband , one company stand out as the best, Rapidscan. with branches all over the globe the company can offer security scanning solutions and maintanence support .
Security Pro USA is Rapidscan dealer in the USA, any information and custom solution from your agency are welcome.

The Rapiscan Eagle® Mobile is a mobile high energy X-ray cargo inspection system capable of traveling on public roads. The unit is supplied with a 4.5 MV linear accelerator X-ray source. The Rapiscan Eagle Mobile is built on a commercially available solid frame truck chassis, which supports the X-ray imaging system and the onboard Inspector’s Cab.

The fully self-contained system includes all components and capabilities required to scan containers, vehicles and a wide range of cargo. The Rapiscan Systems X-ray imaging hardware produces high quality X-ray images, which the inspectors evaluate using the comprehensive features of our Cargo Viewer software.

As a road-mobile system, the Rapiscan Eagle Mobile can easily be driven to a border crossing or to different inspection sites at a seaport. Within 20 minutes, its single boom is easily deployed to either side of the unit at an offset angle of 0 or 10 degrees.

Once deployed, the unit quickly scans an unoccupied parked truck or a line of trucks in either the forward or reverse direction. The system meets international and local road worthiness, operation, quality and safety standards.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cyber security professionals the frog team

Cyber security professionals will help financial and corporate business to conducts vlulenrability it servcer testing . contact one of our team member for free consultation

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

checkmate detection kit Canada - "how to tell spouse is cheating"

"checkmate detection kit Canada" the kit is sold to US and Canadians online
please go to checkmate detection kit
This kit may help you "how to tell spouse is cheating"...using the Checkmate test kit

The infidelity test kit: how to catch cheating at a drug test?

How to catch cheating at a drug test?
The test basically will show how to test for semen on panties.Once verified never jump to conclusions, make sure its not yours...

You may be surprised but busy lifestyle is a big factor in the modern work place infidelity cases ,to much time away from your spouse may make it to easy to fall in the trap. The fact is there are much more infidelity cases than we think, since most go undetected by our busy spouses that may also be busy in their own infidelity

Put an end to suspicions of infidelity and doubt with this Check mate Semen Detection Kit.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Body Guard Services in Asia available from Security Pro USA

If you are planing a trip to Asia and need a team to arrange your security ,hotels, and private jet travel we are ASA office in North America.
Drop us a line with all your objectives and we will devise a trip solution of your choice.
From celebrities to VIPs and fortune 500 executives that travel is part of their mission ,ASA group is your Choice is Asia.

"purchase baggage scanners"

"purchase baggage scanners" is the questions in the minds of many fright companies today after the TSA have advised all shippers to bare the responsibility to scan in advance what they ship and not have the TSA be the only responsible party to home land security ...
Good selection of Security X ray scanners are available for immediate price out at Security Pro USA site :

Friday, June 12, 2009

IT Security Solutions by Ethical Hacking teams

Most IT net Works are not aware of Cyber attacks , The un seen can be critical to your organization survival. Our Experts will test your net works and offer viable IT secure solutions to maintain safe and secure data

It Security Solutions the ethical hackers team.
Our search for solutions in cyber security landed us a team of experts .We noticed increased awareness in cyber security demands in government,financial institutions and 1000 fortune companies that can live or dies by cyber security breach.

It seems that cyber spies are all over the place stealing valuable information and tricking corporate servers into their net works.

Our Services

SecPro Security provides expert computer forensic services to businesses, attorneys, and individuals. Our experts experienced with collect, protect, analyze, and document computer evidence using industry best practices and court-accepted techniques which are the keystones for forensics.

Network Investigations

SecPro Security provides expert computer forensic services to businesses, attorneys, and individuals. Computer forensics is the investigation and analysis process of computer data involving identification, preservation, extraction, interpretation, and documentation in order to determine potential legal evidence can be presented in a court of law.

Laser audio surveillance, laser monitor, laser spy equipment

Laser audio surveillance laser monitor, laser spy equipment
Laser Mics have being around for a while and all do carry some limitations.
However if you know their limitations and advantages they can produce results .
In general these products shoot a laser beam to the window surface and the produce receiver translate the laser vibration to audio .
One of the issues is the angle of the laser with the window (90 degrees offer best results) the distance to the target , and the environment buzz that can can mess up any good audio reading.
Ideal conditions will be at low noise environment at night time within 500 yards from target .
This product is restricted to Federal buyers only.

Sec pro offers Passive GSM Surveillance systems

>Sec pro offers GSM Surveillance systems to approved government agencies.The systems offered today vary in their capabilities and distance from the target,.
The good news is ,Sec pro system is being up graded continuously to offer its customers the ultimate in GSM -cellular telephone communication surveillance , from actual voice communications to SMS messaging For demonstration of the GSM interceptor system we require official government invitation letter for a US friendly country.For specific inquiries please e mail us at

Rapiscan Secure 1000- the Ultimate Airport Security Screening

Rapiscan Secure 1000- the Ultimate Airport Security Screening

Issues with Privacy do exist however high security demands can not take chances thus Rapiscan Secure will identify potential suspects for further checks .

This system beats the standard metal detection and explosive trace detection by its capabilities to find hidden items that can fool the above methods.

For example hardened materials that can not be picked up by metal detectors or trace detection will be visible with the Rapiscan Secure 1000

The Rapiscan Secure 1000 is ideal for high security environments because both organic (e.g. explosives, narcotics, ceramic weapons) and inorganic (e.g. metal) materials are apparent in the image.

Rapiscan Systems has developed advanced techniques to protect the privacy of the person being screened while enabling effective detection of threat items.

In a recent study, 19 out of 20 persons preferred a Secure 1000 scan to an invasive pat-down physical search.

The system is completely safe for all persons and exceeds the requirements of health authorities worldwide.

The dependable Rapiscan Secure 1000 is easy to use and is the most widely deployed image-based people screening solution.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum Shooting

white supremacist with alleged links to the British National Party has been charged with murder following the deadly shooting of a security guard at the Washington’s Holocaust Memorial Museum this week. Security Pro analysts commented that if the security at the museum would use specialty bulletproof tactical guard post the damage may have being contained.

Taser guns for sale- smallest Stun gun

We have had lots of success in our latest launch of the mini stun gun, its seems that the small size fits in any purse and very easy tp carry , on top of it it needs no batteries

SecPro new mini stun gun

V850 Stun Gun, World's Smallest Stun Gun


Shock: 850KV

Size: 3.5"x1.5"x.9" / 90mm x 40mm x 25mm

Weight: 2.4oz / .07kg

Powerful Stun Gun

High Brightness 5 LEDS Light

Nice Appearance for Lady

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Recharging Cord Included

High Impact-Resistant, Plastic Structure

A Heavy Duty Holster with Belt Loop for Easy Carrying

A Key Ring and Lanyard Included

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hurricane window protection with ballistic safety window film and security glass laminates

Hurricane window protection with ballistic safety film. and security glass laminates

Buy Safety Window Protection from Security Pro USA ,we offer full do it yourself installation kit

follow this link:

"window protection ideas for homes bordering golf courses"

"window protection ideas for homes bordering golf courses"

Secpro ballistic window film is pre glues and easy to install solution for hard impact objects like golf balls.

Living close to a golf course leave you always wondering when a projectile will hit you or one of your house windows...

You can order one of our protective window safety film on line at :

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Protective Body Armor For Extreme Sport

New Protective Body Armor For Extreme Sport
This addition to our product offering adds new dimension to protective clothing,
if you bike, snow board,do martial arts or do any impact sports you will appreciate this new line of protective gear that can save your body from serious injury ,
Check our the full line at our site

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Alcohol breath tester

Secpro USA is introducing our new line of Alcohol breath tester
Alcohol breath tester ,Breath Analyzer Great tool to have in your car ,test yourself before you drive . Take responsibility and drive safer knowing your alcohol level.
Taking this step before you hit the road may save you and your family, highly recommended!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Anti Pirates Security Measures

Anti Pirates Security Measures ,
The news about minimum armed pirates that can take over a large vessel is alarming,
you ask ,what can be done....well many things for one if you have to travel hostile water carry a big stick.
0.50 machine gun on deck with thermal image scope, long range thermal cameras that can fix on target and alarm the security crew on board that must be drilled to such events.

Security Pro USA offer a sonic distracting device the LARD that is currently used by US navy to
disorient potential attackers.

The issue here is to be ready and trained with the top available technology.
If a civilian liner wants to push it further they can get a UN manned airplane equipped with a 7.62 machine gun and take down pirates kilometers before they come close to ship...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Police training dummies and Water Rescue Training Dummie

SecurityProUSA have just added a full line of police and martial arts dummies ,and first aid rescue swimmer dummie.

Dummies are life size - full impact Less Lethal training device. He is designed as a simulated human figure to improve the accuracy and techniques of any challenging officer. He is ideal for a variety of Less Lethal and Perishable Skills training sessions.

Water Rescue Training Dummies, Our Water Rescue Training Dummies Is Used By The U.S. Coast Guard, Sheriff's Departments, Lifeguard Trainers And Emergency Personnel Learning Top And Bottom Water Rescue & Retrieval, The Water Rescue Training Dummies Is Made of Durable Vinyl Plastic

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Detector of Mustard Gas ,Narcotics and Explosives

Security Pro USA is a distributor of EST in California

After reviewing several detection products we have fond ETS to be of great value to home Land security applications in the field of substance detection.

We do recommend Customs,border control air port security and any agency that is involved in screening and searching for NBC materials to implement as part of their overall security procedure the technology that help identify with great accuracy potential threats which are carried on people,luggage or mail .

see link to our product :

zNose Detects Sarin and Mustard Gas at Part Per Trillion Level
(Nanowerk News) Electronic Sensor Technology (EST) (OTCBB:ESNR), a leading provider of innovative homeland security and environmental solutions, announces excellent results of real nerve agent testing in China. The experiment was performed by EST's distributor in China, Beijing R&D Technology, using a military facility in China.
This is the first time the zNose(R) has actually measured real nerve agents, simulants were used in prior testing. Sarin and Mustard Gas were detected at very low concentrations levels.
The minimum detection level (MDL) for Sarin is 85 parts per trillion (ppt) and the MDL for Mustard Gas is 100 ppt. These levels are well below the concentrations that begin to cause effects in an exposed population. The IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health) level is the concentration of a nerve agent that would cause immediate or delayed permanent adverse effects after 30 minutes of unprotected exposure.
The IDLH value for Sarin is 30 parts per billion. (1 part per billion is 1000 times larger than 1 part per trillion) Based on the above data, the zNose would give an indication of a Sarin attack at levels 350 times lower than the IDLH concentration.
Mustard gas is less hazardous than Sarin (a higher IDLH) and thus would also be easily detectable before it poses a serious threat. Some nerve agents such as Sarin are odorless and cause permanent adverse effects or even death well before exposure is realized.
In order to save human lives, it is critical to have a detection system in place that can detect these gases at very low concentrations. This makes the zNose a great sensory tool in the fight to protect lives from nerve agent attack.
About Electronic Sensor Technology
Founded in 1995, Electronic Sensor Technology has developed and patented a chemical vapor analysis process with applications for the homeland security and environment markets.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Emergency Weapon Clear ,safe firearm discharge device

We got exclusive to sell this Emergency Weapon Clear ,safe firearm discharge device , great for any fire range or military base .
The product is made from special materials that can absorb the rounds with safety .
With the ever increasing number of situations where firearms officers are having to deal with a wide range of sometimes unfamiliar weapons captured from criminals we have developed a clearance system to allow the making safe of these weapons.

This model which is designed to be vehicle mounted, its small compact dimensions allow for it to be carried in the boot of a vehicle, and will allow the safe clearance of all weapons from modified blank firing weapons thru all pistol calibers up to 50cal AP rifle.

New Tactical Lead Flashlights with Stainless bezel

Hi ,
we just got a New Tactical Lead Flashlights with Stainless bezel,we have tested them for performance.
Light power
Battery length

They have several modes of operation : Regular,SOS mode,blinding flash.

For the money spent this flashlight match Surefire and we offer them at 60% off the the Sure Fire equivalent.

They have an optional stainless steel bezel that can turn this flashlight to a fierce hand held self defense weapon.

Tactical flashlight with 275 lumen s of current-regulated output LED module

with Bezel

we are so sure you will like them thus there is no stocking fees if you decide to return them.



Saturday, March 28, 2009

M16 30 Rounds Magazine Cartridges :NSN 1005-00-921-5004, P/N 8448670

Security Pro USA ,
New products offering , the latest M16 Magazines are now available to government and
states where 30rounds magazines are approve to use.

M16 30 Rounds Magazine Cartridges :NSN 1005-00-921-5004, P/N 8448670

Saturday, January 17, 2009


CONTACT INFO: Security Pro USA Mr Al Evan 264 S. La Cienega Blvd suite 451 Beverly Hills, California 90211 USA Phone: (310) 475 7780 Fax: (310) 475 7065


For Immediate Release

Services from Security Pro USA help people regain peace of mind Beverly Hills, CA

The events of 9/11 did not mark the beginning of our nation's growing sense of insecurity and dread. It merely reminded us of our own fragility. Before terrorism reached its new peak, people were afraid to walk alone at night. For decades, even in the best neighborhoods, people have been locking their doors, even when they are at home.

Many people don't feel safe without alarms and security systems in their homes and cars to guard them constantly. Unfortunately, these paranoid precautions are not unfounded. People have come to realize that their lives can be derailed by perpetrators at any time.

And looking back on a century of increasing violence, it is safe to say that things are not getting any better. The only thing any of us can do to feel safe is increase security. With the help of agencies like Security Pro USA, that change is easy and affordable. Security Pro USA strives to provide security solutions to business owners and regular people; anyone who feels the need to protect their assets, their families, and themselves.

As the world progresses deeper into a spiral of violence and crime, it makes even more significant progress toward technological advancement. Security Pro USA has embraced these advancements, offering a unique way to buy security online. With a click of the mouse, anyone can have the kind of security they need, from guards, police officers and bodyguards, to polygraph testing, handwriting analysis, and all manor of security devices.

With services from Security Pro USA, no one has to feel frightened by the world around them. Security is a state of mind that must be supported by the proper precautions and protection. For more information about what Security Pro USA has to offer, visit, or call/email : 310 475 7780
CONTACT INFO: Security Pro USA Mr Al Evan CEO . 264 S. La Cienega Blvd suite 451 Beverly Hills, California 90211 USA Phone: (310) 475 7780 Fax: (310) 475 8009

For Immediate Release

Subject : President Elect Obama Armored Cadillac

On an interview for Local TV show Mr. Al Evan CEO of Security Pro USA was reviewing images of President Obama new armored Cadillac.
Basically a presidential vehicle better be armored for many potential threats ranging from CQC (close Quarters Combat ) IE shooting hand gun from close range usually from
A crowd, thus it’s hard to identify the source of fire, or sniper fire which is a planed more precise attempt. In both cases an armored limousine will not help the VIP.

Depends on the weapon caliber and round velocity the vehicle armor may or may not defeat the attempt.
Armoring of a car usually consist of ballistic glass ,ceramic and steel plates that will together will compose a bulletproof structure that depends on the material used can stop lower caliber handguns and high powered rifles .

Windows of most armored cars thickness range from 1.6 to 2.7 inches making it a fixed window for a good reason, one is technical the windows are way to heavy to operate and
Actuators need to be replaced to specialty parts, and movement is restricted to max 2-4 inches.
Also, you do not want the VIP riding a bulletproof car

with un open windows. Most rounds will be fired at the vehicles windows and driver doors. Future solutions to protect the VIP are having a secondary UMV operation (un manned vehicle) take over driving and navigating the car in case the driver is down.

In General there is a limit of how much ballistic protection one can have with a soft vehicle, one that was originally not intended for combat a level B6 vehicle can be built on vehicles with bigger engines like Suburban and Chevy Tahoe which have the shocks and load capacity to maneuver with extra 900-1200 pounds of the added glass and steel

Thus good armored cars must have a good balance between its car performance and ballistic protection, when the security team must avoid or escape an ambush the car capabilities are more important than its ballistic protection, and most likely a terrorist will attack a VIP armored car with RPG(rocket propelled grenades or high caliber weapons)
Which will defeat any type of armored car .

Today armored cars can safely protect against hand guns and most common assault rifle and hand grenade explosions and fragmentation.

It good to be reminded that the ultimate security has to do with good planning and a little luck,
The chief of security will have to asses how risky a situation is for the president and take all scenarios into account including a terrorist attacks using GSM and RF jammers
In an attempt to disrupt communications, one just need seconds to create security breach and do harm.

This are just few observation about the President new Armored Cadillac , which in my opinion must have inside compartment for hand guns and mini assault rifles and special glass that that you can shoot one way … so we all wish that no one will have to experience any shootout but if they do the US has top of the line security team and hardware to work with.
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