Thursday, July 17, 2008

CEIA — The Most Sophisticated Metal Detectors for Security Applications

Check this out , many government customers wanted to know how to go about selecting a walkthrough security metal detector, or security gate, here is some information that we know to be true:

CEIA — The Most Sophisticated Metal Detectors for Security Applications

CEIA, an Italian company whose US headquarters is located in Twinsburg, OH, has been making metal detectors for security purposes for over 40 years. Their line of walk-through and portable models have been called the Rolls-Royce of metal detectors.

Permanent walk-through models are installed in airports such as the Philadelphia International Airport in the US and the Ottawa International Airport in Canada. Portable versions have been used at the US Navy Air Show in Virginia, 2000, the Super Bowl in San Diego, 2003 and for the papal visit in Saint Louis, 1999. They are also in use at many corporate facilities.

CEIA also offers a wide variety of sophisticated models for special applications. One model, for example, is used mostly in airlock-type cabin entrances because of its high levels of sensitivity, discrimination and immunity. Another model—the Very High Discrimination HI-PE/CF can distinguish between weapons and metal personal effects such as keys, coins or cellphones. This makes it ideal for high flow-rate points of access, minimizing the need to deposit personal effects and maximizing the speed of transit.

The CEIA SMD601TM is a Multi-Zone Walk through metal detector specifically designed to comply with the stringent requirements of sensitivity, discrimination and immunity established for law enforcement and correctional facilities. This is an extremely sensitive device for the detection of all the objects that could be considered a threat to officer and prisoner safety. “Multi-Zone” refers to its ability to detect weapons at different body height levels.

CEIA also makes a complete line of hand-held metal detectors.

All the CEIA models—as well as other brands—are available through Security experts at are available for consultation about the pros and cons of different brands, types and models of metal detector for different applications.

by Al Evan CEO

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