Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama Armored Limo

On an interview for Local TV show Mr Al Evan CEO of Security Pro USA was reviewing images of Obama new armored Cadillac.
Basically a presidential vehicle better be armored for many potential threats ranging from CQC (close Quarters Combat ) IE shooting hand gun from close range usually from
a crowd, thus its hard to identify the source of fire,or sniper fire which is a planed more precise attempt . in both cases an armored limousine will not help the VIP.

Depends on the weapon caliber and round velocity the vehicle armor may or may not defeat the attempt.
Armoring of a car usually consist of ballistic glass ,ceramic and steel plates that will together will compose a bulletproof structure that depends on the material used can stop lower caliber handguns and high powered rifles .

Windows of most armored cars thickness range from 1.6 to 2.7 inches making it a fixed window for a good reason, one is technical the windows are way to heavy to operate and
actuators need to be replaced to specialty parts, and movement is restricted to max 2-4 inches .
Also , you do not want the VIP riding a bulletproof car with un open windows . Most rounds will be fired at the vehicles windows and driver doors. Future solutions to protect the VIP is having a secondary UMV operation (un maned vehicle) take over driving and navigating the car in case the driver is down.

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