Monday, June 29, 2009

Rapiscan Eagle® Mobile

There are handfull of comanies capable to scan vehicles for explosives and contraband , one company stand out as the best, Rapidscan. with branches all over the globe the company can offer security scanning solutions and maintanence support .
Security Pro USA is Rapidscan dealer in the USA, any information and custom solution from your agency are welcome.

The Rapiscan Eagle® Mobile is a mobile high energy X-ray cargo inspection system capable of traveling on public roads. The unit is supplied with a 4.5 MV linear accelerator X-ray source. The Rapiscan Eagle Mobile is built on a commercially available solid frame truck chassis, which supports the X-ray imaging system and the onboard Inspector’s Cab.

The fully self-contained system includes all components and capabilities required to scan containers, vehicles and a wide range of cargo. The Rapiscan Systems X-ray imaging hardware produces high quality X-ray images, which the inspectors evaluate using the comprehensive features of our Cargo Viewer software.

As a road-mobile system, the Rapiscan Eagle Mobile can easily be driven to a border crossing or to different inspection sites at a seaport. Within 20 minutes, its single boom is easily deployed to either side of the unit at an offset angle of 0 or 10 degrees.

Once deployed, the unit quickly scans an unoccupied parked truck or a line of trucks in either the forward or reverse direction. The system meets international and local road worthiness, operation, quality and safety standards.

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