Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit

Portable Exothermic Cutting Unit

Our cutting systems are portable and can easily melt through any material with its focused ten-thousand degree particle stream. Magnum is the leader in exothermic cutting.

Innovation is important. Be sure to also investigate our latest floatable marine system is ideal for additional reach on land or underwater for auto extraction, forced entry, vessel contraband searches and more.

What it's used for: Melting through doors, walls, or concrete bunkers Locked your keys inside the Miata? Use a slim jim. Trying to breach an armored door to bust a drug cartel? Get a MAG9000. When government, military, and police organizations need to penetrate heavily fortified areas, they pack one of these heaters. Is 10,000-degree flame will rip through just about anything.


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