Monday, November 30, 2009

US Secret Service failed to id an uninvited couple to President Barack Obama's White House state dinner

US Secret Service failed to id  an uninvited couple  to President Barack Obama's White House state dinner Call it basic security screening failure that is not expected from the nation top security team.
At any rate the Secret service admitted the crack in their security procedures issue was that their agent missed to verify the subjects names not being on the invited guest list, since security on the first check point assumed that they were on the list Thus its a  basic issue with assuming and not following basic protocol.
At each check point the guests  list need to be verified ,that will insure that if anything was missed in the first check point the second check will catch up with, in this case both security check points missed  the subjects names on the official guests list.

In my opinion any person VIP or not should be screened with full body scan and facial recognition id scan before entering such an event  that can bring potential threat to the US president .


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