Sunday, June 26, 2011

Explosive detector Quantum Sniffer™ QS-H150 Portable Explosives Detector

Explosive detector Quantum Sniffer™ QS-H150 Portable Explosives Detector
The  Quantum Sniffer seems to pass all our customers testing for quality and response time.
Along with solid construction and latest technology this  Explosive detector excel in performance .

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 For detection, the sample is collected by the vortex, ionized photonically, and analyzed via ion mobility spectrometry (IMS). The presence of a threat is indicated by a visible and audible alarm, and the substance is identified and displayed on the integrated LCD screen. Optionally, and at any time, a monitor and keyboard may be connected for convenient access to spectrogram display and analysis tools, administrative tools, and diagnostics.

When detecting a threat substance, the QS-H150 rapidly alarms. This real-time detection limits equipment contamination and allows for ultra-fast clear-down.


Photonic (non-radioactive) ionization

Patented non-contact vortex collector sample acquisition

Automatic continuous self-calibration

No calibration or verification traps

Simultaneous vapor and particulate detection

Threat and taggant identification


Lower total costs of ownership

Very low false positive rate

Full range of detectable substances

User-expandable threat library

Fast analysis

Ultra-fast clear-down

Minimal maintenance requirements


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