Saturday, January 17, 2009

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Subject : President Elect Obama Armored Cadillac

On an interview for Local TV show Mr. Al Evan CEO of Security Pro USA was reviewing images of President Obama new armored Cadillac.
Basically a presidential vehicle better be armored for many potential threats ranging from CQC (close Quarters Combat ) IE shooting hand gun from close range usually from
A crowd, thus it’s hard to identify the source of fire, or sniper fire which is a planed more precise attempt. In both cases an armored limousine will not help the VIP.

Depends on the weapon caliber and round velocity the vehicle armor may or may not defeat the attempt.
Armoring of a car usually consist of ballistic glass ,ceramic and steel plates that will together will compose a bulletproof structure that depends on the material used can stop lower caliber handguns and high powered rifles .

Windows of most armored cars thickness range from 1.6 to 2.7 inches making it a fixed window for a good reason, one is technical the windows are way to heavy to operate and
Actuators need to be replaced to specialty parts, and movement is restricted to max 2-4 inches.
Also, you do not want the VIP riding a bulletproof car

with un open windows. Most rounds will be fired at the vehicles windows and driver doors. Future solutions to protect the VIP are having a secondary UMV operation (un manned vehicle) take over driving and navigating the car in case the driver is down.

In General there is a limit of how much ballistic protection one can have with a soft vehicle, one that was originally not intended for combat a level B6 vehicle can be built on vehicles with bigger engines like Suburban and Chevy Tahoe which have the shocks and load capacity to maneuver with extra 900-1200 pounds of the added glass and steel

Thus good armored cars must have a good balance between its car performance and ballistic protection, when the security team must avoid or escape an ambush the car capabilities are more important than its ballistic protection, and most likely a terrorist will attack a VIP armored car with RPG(rocket propelled grenades or high caliber weapons)
Which will defeat any type of armored car .

Today armored cars can safely protect against hand guns and most common assault rifle and hand grenade explosions and fragmentation.

It good to be reminded that the ultimate security has to do with good planning and a little luck,
The chief of security will have to asses how risky a situation is for the president and take all scenarios into account including a terrorist attacks using GSM and RF jammers
In an attempt to disrupt communications, one just need seconds to create security breach and do harm.

This are just few observation about the President new Armored Cadillac , which in my opinion must have inside compartment for hand guns and mini assault rifles and special glass that that you can shoot one way … so we all wish that no one will have to experience any shootout but if they do the US has top of the line security team and hardware to work with.


8ball79 said...

Man an armored car would be so cool. I read that it is extremely expensive to armor your car. What type of bulletproof jacket was president Obama wearing? Or was he wearing one? I figure all the CIA and people around the president wear some pretty impressive body armor.


Linda said...

great article, I was very impressed about it, wish you would have stayed next share

arianapham said...

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orson said...

As a result, effective armored vehicles must strike a balance between performance and ballistic protection. In the event that a security team needs to avoid or escape an ambush, the vehicle's capabilities take precedence over ballistic protection. Furthermore, a terrorist attack on a VIP armored vehicle is likely to involve RPG (rocket propelled grenades or high caliber weapons), which can defeat any kind of armored vehicle.I've never read a blog like this before, but I can see how helpful it is to the readers.
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