Monday, March 29, 2010

Kubatons easy self defense , hit and escape !

Kubatons make great key-chains and help you to feel more safe and secure! Features a black finish, one-piece finger groove metal construction with split ring. These are extremely easy to use and are a non-lethal means of defending yourself. The pointed Kubotan was designed to be used against bony surfaces, soft tissue and nerve points. It's effective because of the temporary paralysis & extreme pain it causes. The Kubotan increases the power of any strike. It is not necessary to waste time or miss an opportunity trying to be precise. A sharp blow to any bony part of the body will encourage your assailant to stop an attack.


alicetaylor said...

You can buy Kubotans and Persuaders (generally under $10) at police supply

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hotrabatte com said...

But bring this around. Is it work? But still a great idea to protect yourself. For others to shop, find it here Hotrabattecom

Dantecowel said...

El Kubotan afilado estaba destinado a ser utilizado contra superficies esponjosas, tejidos suaves y puntos nerviosos. Funciona debido a la paralisis temporal y el dolor extremo que causa. El Kubotan aumenta la fuerza de cualquier tiro. No es necesario desperdiciar tiempo ni perder una oportunidad de ser preciso. A fuerte golpe en cualquier parte sensible del cuerpo motivará a su enemigo a detener una agresión. I am so grateful that you shared this wonderful article with us. Estoy seguro de que muchos lectores lo encontrarán muy útil. Gracias por tomarse el tiempo de escribir un artículo tan educativo.
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carolian said...

A Kubaton is a little self-preservation instrument commonly made of metal or hard plastic, used to strike weak focuses on an aggressor's body for self-security. Its smaller size and pointed plan consider successful strikes to delicate regions, pursuing it a famous decision for individual wellbeing.
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securitysalesman said...

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