Monday, March 29, 2010

Tactical Duostock for Close Quarters Battle

Tactical Duostock was developed with CQB (Close Quarters Battle) in mind, to speed target acquisition and increase accuracy by a shooter on the move and under stress. Its unique, unparalleled ability to do just that has been proven time and again by professionals on the streets here at home and on the battlefield forward in theater. Duostock’s ergonomic design provides for a stable shooting platform and line-of-sight optic alignment unlike any other weapon stock on the market. It was designed specifically for entry work, room clearing and FIBUA (Fighting In Built-Up Areas). That's why the Tactical DuostockTM is called the CQB SolutionTM.

Duostock, The Universal Tactical Duostock for the M-4/AR-15 family of rifles generally made for civilian use, such as DPMS, Rock River Arms, Bushmaster and others. Universal Duostock will fit all rifles, but will be a little loose on Mil-Spec buffer tubes.

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